A year ago when I launched terricumming.com most of my time was spent working on my lap top at the kitchen island. Over the past year things have grown, I am not only on my computer but working with any number of floor plans, paint samples and fabric swatches. I have a need for organization, everything needs a place otherwise chaos insues! Along with my desire for an office I wanted a place to sew, craft & paint.... so the planning began!


I decided to create my office in the guestroom the most under used room in most homes ......hopefully;)



Guest room Makeover



~Light muted walls, desk, cabinet and bedding. I choose a soft, light palate for the main pieces to give the room an overall feeling of ease and softness.

~Pops of bright colours in the accents to give the space a fun and festive feel! 



Main pieces


Creating a home office / guestroom does't have to break the bank.



When it comes to the desk itself get creative! I used an old dining table, slap on a fresh coat of paint and it is office worthy! For the desk in my craft area I used an IKEA surface and legs that you can mix and match - super inexpensive and a clean, contemporary look.  

Storage Cabinet:

This again was an old cabinet that simply need a fresh coat of paint. To create completely closed storage I placed patterned cardstock from Michaels in each of the glass windows and voila - closed storage with pops of colour!

Desk Chair:

To achieve a fresh contemporary look I didnt want everything to be repurposed, it is always great to mix a little old and new! I purchased a bright orange chair from Structube. The most important part of a desk chair is comfort, you will be spending alot of time there so be picky! The second is style of course and this little number has a fab hit of colour along with great style!

The Bed:

So yes, you must share your office with house guests but they are only stopping by, the space is mainly an office so the bed is secondary. I placed my desk up against the wall to allow for the most space possible to create my office. 





Now onto the "fun stuff"! Ohhh the pops of colour, I love the bright fun feel that comes from all the pops of colour!



I hung a grouping of colourful hats on the main wall to get great impact with a small price tag. I found these hats at the Dollarama so they were very inexpensive but they give the room the festive feel I was after, kind of like I am a tiny bit on holiday every day!


Art work:

I do paint often but even if you don't get yourself a canvas and have fun! Be creative you may suprise yourself!

Another accent that looks like art is the fabric covered cork board. It is a super easy craft and the end result is fun and functional!



I choose a duvet cover that was the same colour as the walls, desk and cabinet to keep in line with the main neutral palate. I added brightly coloured accent cushions and duvet at the end of the bed to add the hits of colour. The accent cushions were ready made and I love them! The comforter at the end of the bed was created out of a fabric end at Fabricland and I simply covered the duvet in the inexpensive fabric. I choose this fabric for its colours but as well for it's overall holiday feel, clearly I am in need of a margaurita and some sun!


Craft Station:

I created a craft, sewing and painting area within the closet. For the desk I used an IKEA surface and legs that you can mix and match - super inexpensive and a clean, contemporary look. I hung rods and buckets also from IKEA that can be found in the kitchen section. They are functional and accessible a great place to store my paints and paint brushes! The metal light in the closet is also from IKEA (what can I say they are amazing for inexpensive function!) the closet is not wired for lighting so this plug in light was a fabulous way to get light and style into the closet!


Desk Accessories:

For the desk accessories the Dollarama was the place to be. I found a bunch of brightly coloured pens, pencils, paper clips and sticky notes. As well fun boxes, cups & dishes not meant for the office but work so well to store these necessary things on the desk top.


I loved creating my home office and am excited to share it with you! Enjoy and start planning your own home office, remember have fun, be creative and this is your space so show off your style! TC

It's all in the details!