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Every House Healer has their own style and focus. My focus is on creating a healthy home that nurtures the people living within, specifically when it comes to improving sleep.
I work to remove Geopathic Stress within your home that can be affecting your sleep and overall health. I achieve this through a process of Dowsing in which I locate any detrimental energies within your home. The next step is in clearing all of these negative energies. This includes Detrimental Earth Energy, Underground Water, Emotional Energy and Technopathic Stress all of which can have negative effects on your sleep and overall well being. All of my work is done through Distance Dowsing which basically means this is a virtual process. This is something that allows me to work fully connecting into your home and you in turn don't have the disruption of someone in your home poking around.;)
*Geopathic Stress: It is suggested that the Earth has a natural vibration, but features like underground watercourses, drainage pipes, underground tunnels and even simple geological faults distort this vibration. Such distorted vibrations are held to rise upwards through the Earth's surface and create a pernicious effect on the health and/or behavior of all biological life. The distortions are amplified during night hours and consequently the impact is greater if the focal point of the adverse radiation is a bedroom, also noting that the subject, during the time of sleep, will continually be located in the path of such radiation.(en.wikipedia.org)


*Technopathic stress is a very new phenomenon that has only arisen in the last 15 years or so as a result of our addictive love affair with gadgets and technology. Most people in the Western world now live in a complex soup of electromagnetic radiation. Broadly speaking, this can be divided into pulsed radio-frequency fields from mobile phone masts, cordless phones in the home, so-called ‘smart’ meters, Wi-Fi networks and other microwave-based technologies; and power-frequency fields and ‘dirty electricity’ from transformers, power lines, electrical items in the home etc. Many scientific studies, particularly from Europe, now suggest that prolonged exposure to these electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems. More and more people are finding themselves suffering from electro-hypersensitivity. Initial symptoms typically manifest as poor sleep patterns, impaired thought processes, headaches and depression. Does your face or hands tingle when you use your mobile phone? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Have you ever felt nauseous using your cordless or mobile phone? Do you suffer from unexplained migraines? Do you feel funny when you’re around Wi-Fi, or getting close to it? These are all typical symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity, and the effects are cumulative; the more you are exposed, the worse your symptoms become. (Westerngeomancy.org)

*Emotional Energy Points are leftover negative emotions from either past homeowners or the current occupants. They are areas where negative emotions have lingered in the home and can create uncomfortable energies for the current occupants.

If you or your family are suffering from persistent headaches, migraines, difficulty sleeping, trouble focusing or just simply feel unwell it may be Geopathic or Technopathic Stress. Click the button below to set up a consult, I would love to hear from you!

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