Nativity Scene



My son is very interested this year in the meaning of Christmas, so I decided to make him a Nativity scene. As with my Rustic Star, this wasn't a planned DIY post but I think it turned out pretty well and at very little cost, so I had to share!

The only things that I did purchase for this DIY were styrofoam balls & corks (don't know why I did that I have plenty of corks lying around;)

As for everything else I decided to work with things I could find around the house.



~Glue gun

~Styrofoam balls (heads)

~Corks (upper bodies)

~Plastic berry (baby Jesus head)

~Small cork (baby Jesus body)

~Three clothespins (manger)

~Burlap ribbon (manger)

~Paint (faces & bodies)

~Fabric remnants (clothing)

~Raffia (belts, accents & angel's hair)

~Wire (halo)

~Fur from Santa hat (halo accent)

~Twigs (Stable)

~Star decoration 

~Gold spray paint (Star colour)



Step One:

Glue heads on bodies

Well, that's as far as I got with the before pics. That was the only plan I had so from there it was just figuring out what I could find that would work. This is how it went down........

I needed a manger so I used clothes pins and gluded them in a way that made them the most stable.

The pictures below are of the one I made for my daughter, they were so easy to make that I made one for both kids. After I had the base complete, I glued the burlap over the frame. 

Step Two

Create a manger using clothespins

The next step was to paint the heads & give them eyes. I did spray paint the first head and it shrivelled up, so don't do that;) I the painted the corks, that really didn't matter but anyway......below are some of the little dudes waiting in the cupboard because I realized that they were too short for the manger. This was them waiting patiently for me to figure out how to make them taller.

Step Three

Paint the heads, eyes & bodies

The solution, paper cups! I glued the corks onto the center of the cups and they were the perfect height! Below is under one of the completed figures.

Step Four

Solve the height problem by gluing a paper cup to the cork!

The next step was clothing. I used fabric remnants, this part was very easy because they are simply wrapped around the figures and glued.

When researching who would have been in this scene I found many different schools of thought. So aside from, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus & an angel the rest of the onlookers are whoever you would like them to be. As well for the stable, was there even a stable? That part I went with because I like the rustic feel and I could easily make it. 

Step Five

Wrap & glue fabric remnants to create clothing

The angel was the only one that required a little more work. I wrapped the angels fabric to overlap at the back not the front like the others.

Hair was made out of raffia strips, hailo out of wire, the fur on the wire I cut off a Santa hat. The wings are cut off a styrofoam snowflafe that I had spray painted gold a few years ago. 

Step Six

Add wings, halo & hair to your angel

The Stable was made out of brances that were from the bottom of my Christmas tree. As with the manger I just glued them together until they were stable. The final part was the star which is an old tree ornament that was red so I spray painted it gold.

Step Seven

Create stable out of twigs




Step Eight

Find a Star ornament & spray paint it gold.

Step Nine

Arrange your

Nativity Scene!