It's puppy party time! 


My daughter LOVES puppies, in fact she pretty much thinks she is one. So it was no surprise that for her third birthday she wanted a puppy party! There are so many things you can do to create the perfect puppy party... if you have the time. I was a little short on time so I threw together a super quick puppy party that made my little puppy so happy! Truly even the cake is so quick & easy!





You Will Need:

~puppies (I found some on leashes at the dollar store)

~Pipe cleaners



This craft required little prep & the kids loved it!



You Will Need:

~Head bands

~Decorative Paper



Draw puppy ears on some decorative paper, cut them out & tape them to a head band - easy peasy puppy ears! You can paint the kids faces to complete the puppy look but I chose not to (our house is on the market and we were having an open house the next day so I couldn't risk getting a puppy nose on the sofa ;)


You Will Need:

~Tissue paper

~Hole punch

~Fishing Wire (or string)



This fringe isn't necessarily puppy related but I needed a quick decoration that was fun & colourful! I used tissue paper in 4 colours (pale pink, white, purple & dark pink).


~Place single sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.

~Fold top of paper down 4 inches.

~Hole punch acroos the top.

~Weave wire or string through holes

~tie string on each and through hole.

~Cut strips about an inch wide.


You Will Need:

~Cake mix

~8" round cake pan

~Premade icing

~Food colouring

~Icing bag 


~Bake 2 round cakes (You will only need one box of cake mix).  

~Place one in the center 

~Cut the other cake in half (my plate was small so I had to cut a little extra off the ears).

~Mix your icing to whatever colour you choose.

~Start decorating! (I used licorice for the nose, whisker holes & mouth outline.



You Will Need:


~Decorative paper

~Permanent Marker


 All you need to do here is draw your puppy face and stick on those ears! I used the same ears as the head band to keep things simple.