My children told me we NEEDED a star for the top of our tree. I prefer stuffing a Santa hat and popping it up on top but I do like the idea of something lit on the top of the tree (and I don't mean me, I prefer to stay close to the ground;) So to keep them quiet... which is REALLY important I decided to create a star with things I could find around the house and voila a star was born!;) 


(I had not intended this to be a post but did take a few pics along the way.)



~Glue gun

~Small star (my star is from the Dollarama)

~Wooden craft sticks

~battery operated lights


~Snowflake (Or any decoration for the center)




Glue the sticks onto the outside of the star at the inside of each point so that they form a point on the end.

Do the same for both sides of the star to give dimension.

Cover star in burlap. I cut the burlap into strips so it was easier to wrap. 

Attach decoration to center & wrap in lights!