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Sleep, one thing we all have in common.

Darn sleep, It can feel like such an impossible thing! Sleep had become a major focus for me. When my kids were babies there was definitely a lack of sleep but that was different. It was exhaustion but a different kind, I could fall asleep at any time, I had control. Not being able to sleep for no real reason was not only frustrating but a whole new kind of exhaustion.

After struggling for months, only getting a couple hours of sleep a night at best I had a revelation. My struggle began when we moved our bed months before.

Could my issue be Geopathic Stress?

GEOPATHIC STRESS This for me changed EVERYTHING. In studying Holistic Interior Design there were many different subjects that were covered. One being Geopathic Stress and the effect it can have on our bodies. The term Geopathic Stress covers a few different things from underground negative energy and water to Technopathic Stress.

Click to learn about Geopathic & Technopathic Stress.


When I started my studies in HID I was living in a different home and I did some dowsing but never really connected to that aspect of HID. It wasn't until that night laying in bed trying so hard to sleep that it came to me, months earlier we had moved the bed. So the next morning I dowsed the house. I found underground lines running through our bed and at the back of our heads. As well that same line ran through the back of my daughters room where her bed was situated. She also had a line running through her bed. Interestingly she had always complained about her room, said she hated it and never wanted to sleep there but our cat did.

*An interesting fact: Dogs avoid lines of Geopathic Stress while cats are drawn to them. If you have a cat observe where they spend the most time. Wherever that is there is likely a line of stress. If you have a dog, is there a space in your home they will not go? If yes, that is likely a spot of Geopathic Stress.

Now I knew we were suffering from Geopathic Stress. Once the lines were cleared from our home, that first night we all slept and I mean slept well. I slept better than I can remember sleeping in so long. Ever since that night we continue to sleep well. The one thing that has changed, the cat no longer sleeps on my daughter's bed.  

Since that revelation, I now focus my work on Dowsing for Geopathic Stress and have been helping clients get a good night's sleep which until you don't have it you will never know how important it truly is. 

If you or someone in your family is having trouble sleeping, I would love to help you! Click here for more info. 



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