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Hello, I'm Terri — A Holistic Interior Designer and House Healer with over two decades of experience in high-end residential Interior Design. My journey into the holistic side of things began eight years ago when I delved into the world of Holistic Interior Design.,

While studying, I discovered the intriguing power of Dowsing to identify detrimental energies within homes. What started as a fascinating aspect of my studies became a game-changer in my own life. Months of sleep troubles led me to realize the impact of Geopathic Stress, especially when we had unknowingly moved our bed over detrimental lines. Armed with homemade dowsing rods, I located and addressed the issue, and the result was a night of the best sleep I'd had in years. From that moment, I became officially obsessed with the transformative potential of Dowsing!

Today, I'm dedicated to helping others create healthier homes with the ancient practice of Dowsing. If you're curious about enhancing the well-being of your living space, I invite you to click the services link below to explore how I can assist you. I look forward to connecting with you and making your home a haven of positive energy!







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