Neat Desk

Hourly Rate


  • 1:1 coaching

  • Ongoing House Healing support.

  • Holistic Interior Design

$97.00 CA

Mini Report

 Distance Dowsing of your home to locate:

  • Detrimental Earth Energy

  • Underground Water

  • Emotional Energy Points

  • Technopathic Stress

$297.00 CA

Full Report

 Distance Dowsing of your home including a full report of 40+ possible detrimental elements. This includes all everything listed in the mini package along with areas such as:

  • Zoom Call

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Power Objects (detrimental possessions)

  • Fabric of the building 

As well as locating detrimental areas of your home this package includes positive elements such as locating the most beneficial area of your home.

$797.00 CA

I offer House Healing packages, Holistic Interior Design services & 1:1 coaching.


The House Healing packages are for anyone that would like me to heal their home through dowsing. There are two options available: *A Mini Report & *A Full Report. (See link below)


If you would like a quote on a specific Design project please send me a message (My hourly fee is below).



House Healing Packages



  1. Choose your package below.

  2. Once you have made your purchase will receive an email requesting a floor plan of your home along with an example of a plan to show you exactly what is needed. In this email you can share any info that you feel I may need and ask any questions that you have regarding the process. 

  3. I will get to work on your plan.

  4. Once the plan is completed and I have cleared all the areas of concern I will send you the results via email. This will include your completed floor plan along with a description of my findings.

  5. If you have any questions before your purchase please feel free to contact me.